Spread Wings

…because that’s what I believe to be the strength of human love! 


 Don’t be sad…



those chapters will make me cry rly.
I’m trying to finish all the drawing I have befor I go on vacation ;O; and its sunday xD

x x x

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ellemai-e replied to your post: akahshi said:I just wanted to dro…

It’s true. You are extremely talented and I love seeing all your works! :)

thank you so so much omg, ily ;v; ♥

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I’m worried about all of your muscles! So surprise bento check!

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I just wanted to drop by and say that your colourings are stunning ; w ;b !

Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you think so ;A;

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         ...lend us the power to seal away the evil 
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I'm Juvia, and I live between fantasy and reality 

吉岡 双葉 - Original  || Edited & Colored by 

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Can I just say that your recent edit of Juvia from the newest chapter is not at all shitty, I think it's really great and you're really talented!! keep doing what you're doing :))

Thank you so much, this really means a lot!! I appreciate it, thank you ;w;


Hey guys ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I reached 2k about a bit more than a week ago and hadn’t time yet to make something for it and then I suddenly already have 2.2k so I thought I should finally make something orz I’m so happy about this, it really means a lot to me! ヽ(;▽;)ノ And that’s why I want to thank all my followers and the people I follow for making my tumblr experience awesome! I really enjoy coming online here and just looking at my dash and you guys are all so nice! I’m not really good at talking so I just shut up now and wish everyone an awesome weekend! :D
If I forgot someone or if your name isn’t on the graphic it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, you are all very important to me! (*^▽^*) Also if I’ve spelled your url wrong please tell me and I fix it right away! ^^
Thank you all for making my dash beautiful every day! <3


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Fairy Tail - Favourite BROTPs [ 2 / ? ] - Lucy and Levy - for yumesenpaii 

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